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Products Categories

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About Us

Baspar Tahrir Asia – SAHAND IRAN GROUP

SAHAND IRAN has been established in 1994, in more than 40,000 Square Meters modern and standard factory in the field of polymer industries. In these years, utilize of high technology machineries and more than 700 educated and experienced staff, we became the first and the most large – scale mass manufacturer of polypropylene sheets, P.P stationery and office supplies in IRAN and in the Middle East.

SAHAND by using the most advanced 9 Extruder machines in 9 producing lines and modern formulations of materials, succeeded to have 7000 MT P.P sheets production per year also get standard ISO 9001, European standard of CE, many domestic awards and so on.

SAHAND is producing according to the environmental regulations and the international ecofriendly terms to avoid any environmental pollution. This is the most important responsibility of our group for saving our unique earth and being ecofriendly.

SAHAND products are presenting in two sections: The ordinary productions that is dividing to the 15 Groups: Ring Binders, Display Books, Document Bags, Folders, Arch Files, Business cases, Executive bags, Expanding Files, Magazine Racks, Shopping Bags, White Boards, Pencil Cases, Note Books, Calendars and the OEM Orders. OEM orders can be producing with the client’s logo and brand names, printed or hacked on their orders.

SAHAND group is concentrated on Road of technologies, costumer services and creating new products based on the international market’s demands and expanding exportation to all around the world. Because SAHAND is thinking to the globalization.

Why Choose Us?

Why this brand?

Why this company?

Why this product?

[woodmart_info_box image=”134120″ alignment=”center” woodmart_color_scheme=”light” img_size=”full” title=”Respect of the client needs, culture, identity and objectives

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Timely, empathetic help that keeps the customer’s needs at the forefront of every interaction.
This is what informs our mission of helping you build a company people love. It’s why we train everyone at the company on customer support, why our support team has the power and authority to resolve issues as soon as they arise, why our customers’ customers don’t see anything but a normal email, and a hundred other decisions that inform a customer-driven approach to support.


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Price that provides the best total value comprising of availability, delivery time, fitness for purpose, payment terms, quality, quantity, and service.


Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of our brand.

  • The graphical aspects of our logo including color, fonts, packaging and all related concepts reflects our recognizable brand and strong physiques.

Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of our brand.

  • It’s how our brand communicates with the outside world. Our writing style or voice, design style, color scheme, clearly shows our brand character, ” Strong, Trustful, Quality and secure business.”

Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of our brand.

  • There is an intimate connection between our brand’s culture and its organization. Our culture is based around  sharing the best quality and value for everyone.

Physique is the recognizable, physical aspect of our brand.

  • Our brand symbolizes an equal and friendly relationship among people those who are looking for strong products with high quality with great values.

Reflection of the consumer; in other words, our most stereotypical buyer.

  • Our company have multiple buyer personas, this is the “top” type of buyer. No matter you are an automobile enthusiast or just a consumer, a technician or just a dealer. In other words, our target audience is much broader than we think and we reflect much wider range of customers.