Note book A6 size Strip series

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1 کارتن رایگان برای خرید بالای 50 میلیون تومان

10% تخفیف برای خرید بالای 20 کارتن


16,500 تومان


“SAHAND Note Book A6 size – Strip series

● SAHAND Super Class Note Books are made from high quality P.P materials that makes them stable, strong and too much smooth.
● Produced with very high quality white papers and flexible spring binders.
● Unique new color series with high quality material showes your elegant choice.
● Proper for school and univercity students, also for daily uses.
● Wide rang of stylish and fashionable models with convenience designs.
● It can be produced in different sizes, pages ( 50, 80, 100, 160 pages ) and OEM, as client’s need.
● Suitable for students and offices.”

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